Our Mission... 


The Native Arts Fan Club's mission is to foster ethical native arts markets to help sustain indigenous cultures. 

  • Produce documentary films to publicize and support indigenous art communities and to assist collectors in identifying authentic, sustainable and ethical sources of native art.
  • Leverage the value of produced media by making it available for promotion of selected art centers, galleries and related projects.
  • Engage in fund raising for specific projects.
  • Seek outside funding to sustain the efforts of the NAFC.

The Native Arts Fan Club is a 501 (c) (3) public charity and eligible to receive tax deductible donations provided nothing of value is provided in return for those contributions. 


Our Crew...

 Howie Coleman  - Producer/Director

Howie hasn't always been a director, but after seeing the set of prints from the 2004 Uelen workshop in the Anchorage Museum, he decided to begin making documentary films to promote native arts and culture. 


He can be reached at howie@nativeartsfanclub.org. 


Howie in Darwin, Australia. 

Howie in Darwin, Australia.